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2018 Spring Newsletter

The SLPOA 2018 Spring newsletter is now available for your perusal. It contains numerous informative articles and notices of upcoming events.

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Spotlight: Sharbot Lake  

Read what the Water Rangers have to say about the work Guy MacLeod and Barbara Fradkin, SLPOA Executives, have done with the Sharbot Lake Monitoring Program.

Well done Guy and Barb!


2017 Ontario Recreational Lakes and Algae Survey

Queen’s University is conducting a joint survey with The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, the Muskoka Watershed Council, the Federation of Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA), and Nipissing University that aims to explore cottage owners’ perceptions of the health of Ontario’s recreational lakes in our region.
The study’s goal is to address the overall health of lakes in Ontario. The opinions and insights of the residents and cottage owners in our region are critical to the data that is gathered.
Based on a similar study conducted by the MOECC in 1985-1986, the 2017 Recreational Lakes and Algae Survey will assess residents' and cottager owners’ perceptions of lakes with filamentous taste, odour-producing algae and blue-green algae. It will also gather data on how the algae has progressed since 1985, and explore the impacts it has had on the quality of the water, and on residents' use and enjoyment of the lakes.



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Last year the the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry ran a fish netting program known as the BsM program, for approximately 10 days in Sharbot Lake. Their report recently became available so we extracted the pages relating to Sharbot Lake and placed them in the Forum, CLICK HERE to access the report.


There were 37 photos submitted from 15 Individuals. The following contest winners were announced at the 2017 AGM:

First Prize: IM Gadgets 12.0 MP Waterproof Action Camera

Winner: David McNeil

Mother Duck

Judges Comment:

While technically well framed and crisp, there is a softness to the elements. The burbling water around the mother, the fluffy down of the ducks and, the golden peach cloud wisps reflected in the water. We loved that this captures the connection of mother and child as the ducklings are a perfect extension of her form. This wonderfully shot little flotilla of ducks charmed us all.

Mother Duck

Second Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Sharbot Lake Country Inn

Winner: Guy McLeod

Winter Skating Trail

Judges Comment:

Shooting into the sun is not easy but here the light is mastered to tell us a winter story. The sweeping arch of the path pulls you into the frame and practically onto the ice. First it was the technical merit that grabbed us but the overall interest of the shot won us over. Clearly an outstanding winter afternoon at the cottage.

Winter Skating Trail

Third Prize: Two Cineplex Movie Tickets

Winner: Colleen Smyth


Judges Comment:

While there were many sunsets this year, the colours captured here stood out. More than just the usual orange and red, the strong yellows, ochres and golds contrasted beautifully with the darkened shore and the indigo evening sky. This play of dark and light created an uncertain mood.


Honorable Mention

Winner: Barb Wilson

Good Morning Sunshine

Judges Comment:

With its repetition and transparency, this fantastic frost shot on the windshield captured a wonderful pattern in an imaginative and fanciful way.

Good Morning Sunshine

First and Third Prize were donated by Systematix IT, Second Prize donated by SLPOA.

Please (click here) to see all submissions.   

Citizen Water Watch – Report a Sighting

EASTERN ONTARIO, August 1, 2014 — Noticing green algal blooms or excessive aquatic plant growth in Sharbot Lake? You can now easily report it! The Citizen Water Watch website ( allows recreational water users to report any observations of green algal blooms or excessive aquatic plant growth to a central data base. These observations will help to better monitor green algae and aquatic plant growth in Eastern Ontario lakes and rivers.

Algae and aquatic plants are a part of a healthy aquatic ecosystem but in excess they can put stress on other organisms in our lakes and rivers. Many local recreational water users have noted an increase in algae and aquatic plant growth, despite little observed change in nutrient concentrations which are often the cause of algal blooms and excessive aquatic plant growth. Reporting observations of algae and aquatic plants will help us better understand the excessive plant growth and find ways to improve aquatic environments.

To report a sighting go to, create an account and click on the “Report a Sighting” tab, fill out the form and hit submit. Knowing the name of the waterbody and nearest town where your observation took place as well as a picture will be helpful information to include.

SLPOA Lake Plan Now Available!!

An electronic version is available by clicking here.

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