Coordination of Issues

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Coordination of Issues

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Originally posted by Rem Westland - 13/12/2013

Environmental issues being coordinated by the Environmental Issues Coordination Officer (EICO) are grouped by three categories that were stated in the 2013 Lakeplan (Water Pollution, Weeds and Algae, and Bacteria) plus Climate Change. The issues listed in each group can be adjusted or added to by members. The EICO will reach out to individuals who have taken on a particular issue to provide updates from time to time, and will also seek out "champions" to take on other listed issues or who wish to add issues of their own. The issues being actively coordinated (for which there is an acknowledged champion) are named as separate topics.

It is important to note that some issues may begin as "environmental issues" and therefore stand as a separate topic, but the issue(s) may shift to being one that the SLPOA has successfully turned over to the Township or to the Province to manage. Septic system re-inspection, for example, began as a SLPOA issue (to raise its importance) but was taken on by the Township in the Fall of 2013.

Water Pollution
- Waterfowl survey and significance
- Work with MVCA on water testing/reporting and invasive species
- Work with Township/MVCA on ribbon of life protection
- Launch "neighbourhood watch" to reduce illegal dumping into lake and wetlands
- Fish habitat/survey/monitoring
- Work with Township on overcapacity development concerns
- Contribute to provincial source water protection initiative
- Participate in Ontario Lake Partners program

Weeds and Algae
- Advise on blue/green algae concerns and avoidance strategies
- Update members (SLPOA newsletters) on best practices
- Landscaping and planting options to reduce water runoff

- Work with Township to ensure regular access to East Basin for septic disposal barge
- Advise on best practices for grey water disposal

Climate Change
- Maintain web-based public participation approach to better understand the "story of our lake"
- Regularly update members on climate change developments of concern in our area and for our lake
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