Chapter 3: Diversions in (Di)

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Chapter 3: Diversions in (Di)

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Originally posted by Rem Westland - 01/10/2013

By this we mean human-engineered diversions. A dam constructed where the Lake empties into the Fall River, for example, would be such a diversion. I was once told that, when Mr. Ken Hollywood was President of the SLPOA he and other members considered opening a canal from St. George's Lake to Sharbot Lake. That too, if it had been done, would have been a diversion-in. My own guess is that we will have very little value coming from this variable for quite some time (if ever). If one day the Lake level were to be dangerously low owing the climate change, of course, the importance of this variable could grow immensely. By manipulating this variable our engineers (or beavers?) could compensate for water loss to some extent.
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