Chapter 8: Diversions out (Do)

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Chapter 8: Diversions out (Do)

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Originally posted by Rem Westland - 03/10/2013

These would be human-engineered diversions. As in the case of Di above I suspect this one is not much of an issue at this time. But we must know more about Do engineering and marketing options. The Tay River is subject to an enormous daily draw of water away from the river and away from the watershed. I saw one of those Tay Valley trucks rolling down highway 38 the other day and I wondered if the time will ever come when our Lake water is drained in the millions of litres per year to feed some industry somewhere. I personally think that we need to set down the bylaws and the provincial prohibitions as soon as possible to stop this before it starts. I would love to get input to this chapter from anyone who also lives in Perth!
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