Sharbot Lake Property Owners’ Association
2006 Annual General Meeting
Held at the Oso Town Hall
Sat 15 July 2006

Mr. Rem Westland (President) welcomed the 38 members and guests and introduced the Executive. In attendance from the executive were Bill Wilson (Vice President), Ken Waller (Secretary-Treasurer), Paul King (Past President) and Roberta Anderson (Member-at-Large).

Adoption of the 2005 AGM Minutes

The minutes of the last AGM were read. A motion was moved by Jane Berryman and seconded by Paul Corscadden, that the minutes be accepted as read. Carried.


As the members of the Executive were elected in 2005 for 2-year terms, there were no elections for executive positions. Elections were held for the two members-at-large positions, which carry a 1-year term. Two nominees were put forward for the two positions: Roberta Anderson and Roger Henry. Both were elected by acclamation.

Membership and Financial Reports

Ken Waller presented the report on the finances of the Association including the number of present members (185) and the health of the finances. The number of paid-up members was down significantly from 257 of last year. Possible reasons for the reduced numbers were outlined and included:

·        Six areas were without a representative to personally contact prospective members;

·        Several representatives were unable to carry out their duties and fewer members than previous years were contacted; and

·        No follow-up campaign was carried out by the Sec-Treas over the winter to try and contact missed members.

Ken proposed that a major effort to contact missed members will be made shortly after Thanksgiving (provided representatives have turned in their collection summaries).

In his financial report, Ken advised that, as noted and supported at the 2005 AGM, the Executive has proceeded with the acquisition of Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) insurance to protect the volunteer members of the executive from litigation brought against them for decisions or actions made on behalf of the Association. This insurance is at a cost of $500 per year (a good rate). The executive purchased this insurance for a three-year term, to ensure this low rate for at least two more years. Other major expenses included membership in FOCA ($525.63), newsletter production and distribution ($295.35) and a contribution to Mississippi Valley Conservation to support their testing and evaluation of the water in Sharbot Lake, done every 5 years ($500.00). It was moved by Keith McNeil, seconded by Glen Fawkes, that the financial report be accepted as read.

As was forecasted at the 2005 AGM, the Association’s expenses are now exceeding the revenue generated through memberships at the current rate of $7.00 per year. It was moved by Ken Waller, seconded by Janet Trip, that the membership fees be increased to $10.00. Carried
In addition, Ken reminded the membership that six areas remain without area representatives and sought volunteers.

Communications Report

Bill Wilson provided an update on the status of the SLPOA website (which he manages). The website has been very active and has attracted a strong interest from both members and non-members (tourists?) alike. Bill also explained about the newest feature of the website, the addition of numerous forums including Lost-and-Found, Public Input, Environment, and Items-For-Sale. Several of the forums are only available to members and are accessed via a password.

Bill then discussed the recent newsletter and the reasons behind the small font used (reproduction costs). It was generally agreed that the font size was too small and future newsletters will return to the 8 ½ -by-11” format with a larger, more easily readable font.

Bill then provided an update on the proposed improvements to both Highway 7 and Road 38. Bills full presentation will be made available on the SLPOA website. Highlights included the twinning of Highway 7 from Highway 417 to Carleton Place starting this year, the addition of several passing lanes on Highway 7 between Perth and Sharbot Lake, and the repair/repaving of Road 38 from the causeway in Sharbot Lake to Godfrey (approx 21 Km) this fall.

Guest Speaker –Janet Gutowski (Co-Chairperson of the Central Frontenac Economic Development Committee)

Ms Gutowski provided an update on the work of the municipality’s Economic Development Committee. The focus of the Committee is on information sharing via events such as business breakfasts, to help local businesses (and prospective businesses) work together and build a better base. The committee promotes new businesses and helps bring grants to developing businesses. Currently the Committee has a budget of only $1000. Ms Gutowski encouraged the SLPOA to retain its orientation towards working co-operatively with the local government and continue with its practice of including all residents in its membership (and not just waterfront owners). The presentation concluded with a Q&A session.

Environmental Issues

Paul King provided an update on environmental issues. The Mississippi Valley Conservation (MVC) will be carrying out a major watershed management study of Sharbot Lake (done every 5 years) this summer. The final report will be available in time for the 2007 AGM and the Association will make every effort to have a representative of the MVC at the AGM.

Zebra mussels are now common throughout Sharbot Lake and are starting to interfere with the lake-water systems of some residents. Advice came from the floor of the availability of a netting material specifically designed to keep zebra mussels out of the intake pipes. (Secretary’s note: we will attempt to find a link to the applicable website and post it on the SLPOA site).

“Honorary Member” Proclamation

Rem Westland announced that the Executive had decided to recognize the significant contribution to the Association of Ken Hollywood. Ken was the first president of the Association and had a long personal and family history in the area. Ken has been awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the Association (and subsequent waiving of all membership fees).

High-Speed Internet Service

Rem reported on discussions he has had with the North Frontenac Telephone Co (NFTC) regarding the availability of high-speed Internet service in this area. In short, high-speed is currently only available in the Fall River Rd and Elizabeth St areas. Special fibre-optic switches and circuits will be installed this fall in the Shibley Rd and Highway 7/Road 38 intersection. This will make available high-speed Internet service to home within 6 km. Further expansion of high-speed in the area may happen in the future but funding is currently not available.

The Year Ahead

Rem Westland presented the intended business plan for the Executive for 2006/07. The year ahead will see us concentrate on:

·        Finalization of the acquisition of D&O insurance for the next three years.

·        Securing a date for a hazardous waste collection by the Municipality

·        Considering new ways to secure revenue for the Association including the sale of advertising space on the website.

·        Keeping an oversight on the watershed study by MVC and seeking to place the report on the condition of Sharbot Lake on the agenda for the 2007 AGM

·        Seek out prospective candidates for the SLPOA executive positions up for election in 2007

Open Forum:

1.      Several residents advised of contracting “Swimmer’s Itch” from swimming in the Lake. The problem seems to be a reaction to a localized bacteria or organism. The executive agreed to try and follow up on this.

2.      Bill Wilson advised that the Executive, in an effort to increase awareness of the SLPOA, have arranged to hold a Fish Fry, open to the general public, at the Oso Hall on Sat 29 Jul 06 between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. The cost will be $11.00. The majority of the food, fish, fries and some salads will be provided by a company that brings in a converted school bus and cooks on site. The Association will be providing additional salads, dessert and beverages. Bill asked for volunteers to help with the hall preparation and clean-up.

3.      Roberta Anderson advised that there was a new book available called Well Wise: A Comprehensive Consumer’s Guide for Private Wells by (Dr) Mary Jane Conboy It is an overall guide to operating and maintaining your well. Simon Smith publishes it. More info can be obtained at http://my.lulu.com/browse/preview.php?fCID=282257

4.      Rem Westland mentioned that he is working on providing a copy of the current newsletter to local realtors to include with their packages for new arrivals.


There being no further business from the floor, it was moved by Frances Smith, seconded by Val Moors that the meeting be adjourned. Carried.
Meeting was adjourned 12:30 p.m..

Prepared by: Ken Waller, Secretary/Treasurer

Approved by Rem Westland, President