Sharbot Lake Property Owners’ Association
2008 Annual General Meeting
Held at the Oso Town Hall
Sat 19 July 2008

The meeting commenced at 10:15am. Ken Waller (Vice-President) welcomed the 79 members and guests and with regret announced the recent passing of Ada Hollywood, founding and honorary member of SLPOA. Ken then introduced Bill Wilson (President) who introduced the Executive. In attendance from the executive were Bill Wilson (President), Ken Waller (Vice President), and Joyce Waller (Secretary/Treasurer), Rem Westland (Past President) and Marie LaForest (Member at Large)

Introduction to the Meeting

Bill Wilson provided a brief summary of the events of the past year, including the development of a brochure to help promote SLPOA. He thanked Rem Westland and Marie LaForest for their hard work on the brochure development. The brochures have been placed in strategic places around Sharbot Lake. He drew members’ attention to the fact that a Hazardous Waste Day that SLPOA had been lobbying for was indeed happening on July 26th. Bill reinforced the idea that the role of SLPOA is one of education and information and not as an enforcer. He mentioned that the executive will be working on producing a lake plan during the current year.

Minutes of the 2007 AGM

Minutes of the 2007 AGM had been available on line as well as at the meeting so Ken Waller moved that the minutes be approved. This was seconded by Charmaine Jones. Carried

Membership & Financial Report – Joyce Waller

Membership Report

Total paid membership for 2007/08 was 229. This was similar to 2006/2007. Joyce thanked the Reps for a great job and also thanked all who responded to the e-mail and mail-out in January. Several areas are without a Rep. Joyce asked anyone interested in becoming a rep to contact her.

Financial Report

Joyce reported that the SLPOA is in a good financial position. Income for 2007-08 was $4066.26 and expenses were $3850.69. The expenses included brochure printing, signage (reusable) for the AGM and fish fry, and FOCA Dues. The fish fry was a break-even event. Balance as of June 30, 2008 was $2730.82. Joyce asked for acceptance of the Financial Report. Moved by Jane Berryman and seconded by Luc Salvador. Carried


Ken Waller (Vice President) called for nominations from the floor for two Members-at-Large.

Paul King and Marie LaForest were the only nominations and were elected for another year by acclamation.

Environmental Issues Report

Ken Waller went over the highlights of the Mississippi Valley Conservation report on water quality that had been provided in 2007 on 2006 data. Levels of algae & phosphorus must be monitored
Pumping of septic tanks regularly every 3-5 years, using phosphate-free laundry and dish detergent, and not using chemical fertilizers or weed killers on lawns were suggested as starting points toward improving the quality of the water.
Due to an instance last year of a dumping of septic waste into the lake everyone is asked to be the eyes for SLPOA and report any instances to the Health Dept and SLPOA.

Ken also addressed issues of set-back of buildings from the lake and the need to check with the proper authorities before building or altering anything within the ribbon of life that could affect the lake quality (defined as the first 10 m from the water and the water area out to the point sunlight fails to reach the lake bottom).

Septic Re-Inspection Program

Ken indicated that several of the townships around us (North Frontenac, South Frontenac and Tay Valley), have septic re-inspection programs in place. The inspections are coordinated by the respective municipalities and carried out by the Mississippi /Rideau Septic Services Office, a joint venture of the Mississippi Valley and Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities. Ken had been in contact with the MRSSO who had informed him that they could carry out a 30-site test project as early as this year and could carryout up to 100 inspections per year starting next year. The cost to the township would be approx $95.00 per inspection.
Ken Waller put forth a motion that ”the executive be empowered to approach the township with the aim of emphasizing the need and our desire to institute a septic system re-inspection program”. Seconded by Luc Salvador. Carried with only 4 opposed.
It was also suggested that communication with other Lake/Property Associations could lead to a common front to the township.
Some island owners requested help to find a means of pumping out systems on islands. It was suggested that many of the islands that have septic systems have never been pumped. SLPOA will do some research and try and provide more information.

Address from Deputy Mayor Bob Harvey

Bob brought greetings from Mayor Janet Gutowski who was unable to attend due to a family emergency.
Highlights of Accomplishments were as follows:

  • Medical Centre is very near completion with a grand opening scheduled for September;
  • The Fire Hall in Mountain Grove has been completed;
  • Hazardous Waste day will be next Saturday July 26 from 10-4pm;
  • Trailers have been added to provide office space and prevent overcrowding in the main building of the Township offices in Sharbot Lake;
  • The new Public Works manager is addressing the road issues in the township;
  • the web site for Central Frontenac (http://www.centralfrontenac.com) provides good access to information about what’s going on in the community; and
  • Septic re-inspection was not a budget item this year but could be in the coming year.
Business from the Floor/ Open Forum

Some of the issues brought up were as follows:
  • There is still a fair bit of algae present in some parts of the lake
  • Zebra mussels are still a problem in the lake. It was suggested that there is no magic cure but they will level off over time
  • Fishing before fishing season opens has been a problem. Suggested that possibly signs posting the dates could be erected and also use a neighbourhood watch approach and speak with the offending fisherman.
  • Charmaine Jones reported that on the East Basin there are 20 adult loons and 8 chicks. It was suggested that special care in boating be taken in May and June as this is nesting time and large wakes can destroy loon nests. Also loud noises i.e. fireworks will cause the loons to leave the nest and leave the eggs unprotected. Lead sinkers are also bad for loons and other waterfowl and all anglers should be encouraged to stop using them.
Conclusion and Adjournment

Bill Wilson reminded those present of our goals for the coming year of retaining our focus as an information and education association. We will continue with promotion towards establishing a lake plan. (Volunteers were requested to be on a committee for this purpose) and he reminded everyone of the Fish Fry July 26th from 5-6:30 at the OSO Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:30pm