Sharbot Lake Property Owners’ Association
2009 Annual General Meeting
Held at the Oso Town Hall
Sat 18 July 2009

The meeting commenced at 10:15am.

Introduction to the Meeting

Bill Wilson welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the current executive. This year SLPOA provided refreshments for the loon workshop put on by the Frontenac Stewardship Council. This was an all day event. Special thanks to Barb and Bill Wilson and Ken and Joyce Waller for coordinating the refreshments. He mentioned that the township is having a Hazardous Waste collection on July 25 th. He also mentioned that the Septic Re - inspection Program presentation by Kennebec Lake Association was supported by a letter to council. More info on this will be address by Ken Waller in his Environmental Report.

Minutes of the 2008 AGM

Minutes of the 2008 AGM had been available on line as well as at the meeting so Ken Waller moved that the minutes be approved. This was seconded by Carol Coupland. Carried

Membership & Financial Report – Joyce Walle
Membership Report

Total paid membership for 2008/09 was 229. Joyce thanked the Reps for a great job and also thanked all who responded to the e - mail and mail - out in January. Several areas are without a Rep. Joyce asked anyone interested in becoming a rep to contact her .

Financial Report

Income for 2008 - 09 was $3966.34 and expenses were $3860.06. The expenses included newsletter printing, FOCA Dues, fish fry and AGM expenses. The fish fry made a small profit. Balance as of June 30, 2009 is $2837.10. Joyce asked for acceptance of the Financial Report. Moved by Jane Berryman and seconded by Charmaine Jones. Carried



Environmental Issues Report

Septic System Re - inspection

  • Major issue this year
  • Much pressure placed on Twp
  • Kennebec Lake submitted presentation to council with our input and with letter of support
  • Original Twp position seems to have been amend d and resulted in draft CF Twp Septic System Maintenance Program
  • Draft avail for viewing and comment at www.centralfrontenac.net
  • Highlights include
    • Aimed at preventing or remedying faulty septic systems wh ch may contribute to ground and surface water contamination
    • Plan is to implement a progressive educational campaign stressing the requirements for location, construction and maintenance
    • Will be a mandatory maintenance/inspection regime implemented and sustained by the township
      Twp wants to engage lake and property owner associations encouraging good stewardship initiatives and possibly sponsor seminars and workshops
    • Will aim at older or ‘non - existing’ systems first
    • Implementation as early as Jan 2010 with all systems in the Twp being inspected within 5 years.
    • Will require proof of the tank being pumped out within previous 5 years .
    • Systems less than 10 years old will be exempt providing proof of pumping within past 5 years
  • Draft report accepted in principal by Council and sent back for further development in areas of cost and responsibilities. Report due back to Council at Sep meeting
  • Public input sought. Submit comments via e - mail to building@centralfrontenac.com
Pumping of Island Septic Systems
  • Discussions with OASIS and several specific septic services companies
  • No facility exists in our area
  • Only company currently pumping island properties covers 1000 Islands area. Cost to move barge to Sharbot Lake is currently estimated at $800 - $1000 per tank with at least 40 - 50 properties required
  • What can be done?
    • Continued liaison with septic services companies encouraging creation of a barge service
    • Pressure Township to develop business case for such a service to encourage companies to come to this area
    • Until pumping is available, TAKE CARE OF YOUR SYSTEM! See brochures on the tables for guidelines and recommendations.
Clark Topp moved that a vote of thanks be extended to Ken Waller for all his research as Acting Environmental Issues Coordinator. This was seconded by Jane Berryman and a round of applause from those in attendance.

Report on Our Approach to Creating A Lake Plan for Sharbot Lake
  • Rem Westland provided info he had researched about the Sharbot Lake area with regards to four components
  • Watershed issues
  • Single sector economic model
  • Sustainable Growth Code of Conduct
Rem indicated that the principle inlet to Sharbot Lake flows from White Lake to the West Basin and the main outlet is the Fall River from the East Basin. He also learned from Gord Mountenay at Mississippi Valley Conservation that Sharbot Lake is predominantly spring fed. Ground water aquifers are hard to map. Septic Re - inspection is a part of this issue and is being pursued by several associations in the Central Frontenac Township including SLPOA.

Central Frontenac he suspects is a “single - sector economy” being economically dependent for the majority of township revenues on lake related activities and taxes.

Rem suggested most Lake Plans focus on a code of conduct. He suggested that for a lake plan to be effective it must be comprehensive and must make use all levels of government.

Please see Rem's report in the 2009 Newsletter at https://slpoa.ca/june-2009-newsletter/

  • Medical Centre is very near completion with a grand opening scheduled for September;
  • The Fire Hall in Mountain Grove has been completed;
  • Hazardous Waste day will be next Saturday July 26 from 10-4pm;
  • Trailers have been added to provide office space and prevent overcrowding in the main building of the Township offices in Sharbot Lake;
  • The new Public Works manager is addressing the road issues in the township;
  • the web site for Central Frontenac (www.centralfrontenac.com) provides good access to information about what’s going on in the community; and
  • Septic re-inspection was not a budget item this year but could be in the coming year.
Presentation on Reptiles & Amphibians

Oliver Reichl, the regional manager for the Herpetofaunal Society, (Eastern Ontario Model Forest) gave a very informative talk on species at risk. He indicated that there are 35 Faunal species (animals) at risk in eastern Ontario 34 of which are native and 1 introduced. There are no venomous snakes.

There exists on line an Ontario Herpetofaunal Atlas that can be found at www.eomf.on.ca/atlas He encouraged people to report sightings of endangered as well as abundant reptiles and amphibians to them. There is a form on the website to fill out for these sightings.

Oliver concluded his presentation by singing 2 songs with accompaniment on his guitar. He also indicated that he would be willing to do a hands - on workshop out in the forest areas around Sharbot Lake for those interested.

Conclusion of AGM

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm