News from Sharbot Lake Farmers Market

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News from Sharbot Lake Farmers Market

Post by admin » Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:59 pm

Originally posted by Kevin Browne - 25/01/2015

Hello Friends of the Market!

Happy New Year!
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Sharbot Lake Farmers Market is already starting to plan for a lively 2015 season. As you may know, we need to maintain a ratio of over 50% farm vendors in order to qualify as a farmers' market. So far we have managed to maintain the required ratio, but we want to grow the market. To this end, we've contacted some new local farmers and connected with the National Farmers Union as well as the Young Agrarians. Farmers are spread far and wide and are very busy people, so getting the word out requires a multi-pronged approach.

Check out the Young Agrarians website, Ontario page below. It's an inspiring movement! It originally started in BC, but local young farmer Ayla Fenton organized a retreat in Parham last fall and there are more Ontario events and lots of work being done to support the growth of the young farmer movement:

Could you please help us get the word out about our session by circulating the attached notice to anyone you think might be interested in being a farm vendor?

Thank you!


Mary de Bassecourt
Market Manager
Sharbot Lake Farmers Market

Sharbot Lake Property Owners' Association
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