Mandatory Septic Re-inspection Program - Need for Urgent Action

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Mandatory Septic Re-inspection Program - Need for Urgent Action

Post by admin » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:53 am

We need your help.

As stewards of the environment within Central Frontenac we have been advocating that a mandatory septic re-inspection program be implemented within Central Frontenac. Numerous studies, environmentalists and scientists all suggest that faulty septic systems are contributors to the declining health of our lakes and we whole-heartedly agree. Council for Central Frontenac listened to our pleas and formed a septic committee to embark on a project to determine the parameters surrounding such a program. Earlier this year the committee put forward their recommendation to move forward with such a plan. Council subsequently rejected the plan and asked the committee to address some concerns. The revised report from the septic committee is being presented to Council on Tue 24 Oct 17 at which time Council is expected to make a decision regarding whether or not to proceed. We feel we cannot delay the adoption and implementation of this plan any longer. Our water ways are continuing to deteriorate at an alarming rate and we need to start addressing this issue immediately as the plan calls for a 5-year phase-in period.

Opponents to this program have been soliciting council to vote against any mandatory septic re-inspection program and have presented a petition containing names of those opposed. We must show council the number of property owners, residents and interested parties in support of a mandatory septic re-inspection program far outweighs the number of opponents. A petition has been created to do just that. (See the link below.) Please add your name to the list of supporters and show CF Council that this program is the will of the people.
Please have all members of your household who qualify to vote in Central Frontenac enter their name and pass this link on to any interested party you may know. Time is of the essence! This petition will be presented to council on October 24th.

Anyone may sign it.

The petition can be found at

Please take the time to have your voice heard. Don't let a vocal minority make decisions for you.

Want to do more? Send a short e-mail to simply saying you support the implementation of a mandatory septic re-inspection program. This special e-mail address has been available for several months but sadly, has been used by less than 60 people (throughout ALL of Central Frontenac). Council thinks it's because no one cares about this issue. Show them they're wrong.
Also, consider attending the Council meeting to show your support on October 24th at The Soldiers Memorial (Oso) Hall. The meeting starts at 4:00 pm.

Ken Waller
President SLPOA
SLPOA Forum Administrator

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