Message from Wayne Millar (2014 Election)

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Message from Wayne Millar (2014 Election)

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Originally posted by Kevin Browne - 07/05/2014

Hello Kevin,
I would like to thank the Sharbot Lake Property Owners Association for asking me to write an article for your Newsletter. In my four years as a councillor for Central Frontenac, I found being a councillor very Interesting and a great experience, that is why I decided to run again in Oso Township ward [3].
In my four years I was a member of the following committees: The Farmer Market, The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Committee Of Adjustment Under the Planning Act, The Waste Management Committee, The Hiring Committee for the new Treasure and also a new Committee just started for Septic Systems.
I feel as a councillor for Central Frontenac we all have done a great job, tried to keep the Township running smooth, and to keep the taxes in line. I realize that no one wants to pay taxes, that is why we as council have spent a great deal of time going over the budget for [needs and the necessities].I think your Association is doing a great job looking after the lakes. I thank you and look forward for your support for another four years.
Yours Truly; Wayne A Millar

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