Updates from SLPOA Executive
At the 2022 AGM in July, several things happened, and a couple didn’t. The constitution was amended to match more closely current procedures including giving the executive the power to search out and appoint people to positions for which no one was elected at the AGM (or for which the incumbent had departed before the end of their term). Such appointments would be for one year, until the next AGM.  A new position, called the membership coordinator, was created, removing responsibility for membership from the secretary-treasurer. In addition, the number of members-at-large was increased from two to four. Unfortunately, during the elections, no one came forward for the positions of president or membership coordinator. At the September meeting of the SLPOA executive, Ken Waller agreed to accept an appointment as president and Joyce Waller accepted an appointment as membership coordinator. This filled all executive positions.




Membership Coordinator

Enviromental Issues Coordinator


Ken Waller

Linda Gaudet

Louise Moody

Joyce Waller

Barbara Fradkin

Bill Wison

Barb McIsaac

Rob Patton

Don Coombs

Contact information for each of the executive is available by going to our website, www.slpoa.ca by clicking on “Contact Us”
2. LAKE LINKS 2022

What is Lake Links? Lake Links is a collaborative one-day workshop held every October. It attracts citizens and scientists to share ways we can help sustain our lakes and rivers. Individuals spread across five watersheds in Eastern Ontario and beyond attend this day-long event to learn, network and see what’s new. Each year, Lake Links addresses the lake and river issues that matter most to our communities with expert speakers, breakout sessions, and dynamic presentations. At this year’s workshop, Saturday, 22 October 2022 from 10:00 AM (EDT) to 12:30 PM (EDT), we will learn how associations have recognized threats on their lakes and rivers, and what steps they have taken to address them. As well, you will meet the 5th recipient of the Gord Rodgers Memorial Award. To register, go to https://watersheds.ca/lake-links/ There is no cost.


While there is no election for mayor this time, there are multiple candidates for council in both ridings in which Sharbot Lake is situated. While much of the discussion has been about taxes and spending, sadly, little has been said, by the candidates, about the environment and specifically about council’s responsibility when it comes to protecting our waterways. Find out where your candidates stand on this important issue. See the SLPOA Facebook page for 5 questions you need to ask your candidates. Remember, if you own or rent a seasonal property, you are entitled to vote in this election. More info on voter eligibility, check out the Township website: click here. Get informed then GET OUT AND VOTE!